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Sopley Primary School

Sopley Primary School

Learning Challenge

As part of our Magnificent Monarchs topic, we would like to set each Burley and Sopley School pupil, parent, teacher and teaching assistant a challenge.

As well as being the focus for many engaging activities, this topic also provides the opportunity for us all to discover something about how we, as humans, learn. In life we often have to learn a set of factual information. Discovering how you, individually, can learn new information most easily can help you to be a more effective learner.

This week, your challenge is to extend your knowledge of the names and order of the Kings and Queens of England from 1066 to today. We will be suggesting different strategies and resources you could use to learn this information with the aim that by Friday afternoon you will be able to name many of the monarchs and, more importantly, be able to identify which learning strategies were the most effective for you.

To take part in this challenge you need to begin by recording what you already know about the names and order of our kings and queens. Hopefully everyone in your family will want to join in so give each person a sheet of paper and ask them to write each monarch name they know in the order they reigned. You can use the sheet saved below if you want to. If you know more you can add dates and facts about each king or queen.

When everyone is finished collect up the sheets and put them away somewhere safe. You could share this challenge remotely with grandparents and relatives you don't live with and get them involved too.

On Friday, when you have your final turn at writing a full list of our kings and queens you will be able to compare what you now know with what you knew before.